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Support Group Session

Supporting Your Healing Through Connection!

Thera-Book Club

Outdoor Book Club

Need a place to gather for support? The Mending Room Counseling Center has created a judgment free zone where members can relate to others and move through life’s challenges.


This support is given through books designed to promote self-reflection, encourage shared experiences, and offer alternative pathways toward healing. Interested!? Join today!

Support Groups

Support Group

The Mending Room provides multiple opportunities to get support in starting your journey towards healing.


The support groups are judgment free zones and offer variety of topics and educational materials to meet the need of each member.


Interested!? Stay tuned for more information.


This book is for those who have a desire to be married, who are currently engaged, who are currently married, and especially those who are considering divorce. In this book the author shares with you her transparent raw un-cut testimony. This book was written to, inspire, and educate any and every adolescent, young adult, and adult’s mind about dating, marriage, and divorce.

Additional Services

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    Providing an educational environment where you can learn about the signs and symptoms of mental health conditions within yourself, family, and community.

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